Can you Work as a Medical Assistant without being Certified

Hello everyone today I’m gonna be talking about on how to get a job with no experience and no certification in the state of Florida. As far as what medical assisting okay.  So the two main keys. I’m gonna give you all now. This may not work for every state. I know for Florida it should work.

The two main keys that I’m give you all Craigslist those are your friends. When you all are looking for a job. If you want the job as bad as you like are really trying to get it. You will be able to get it trust me with these two shut us web sites. If you didn’t know free. If indeed is basically in American world wide employment related search engine for work as a medical assistant without being certified .

 It was launched on the November 2004 and Craigslist is basically an advertisement website for jobs housing cars anything for sale etc. Stuff like that but these two jobs these two websites are really good. When you ‘retrying to get a job with no experience basically. When I tell you how it really does work.

 I’m not going to laugh. So all you have to do is type. It on a search Engine the job that you are looking for whether.  It’s phlebotomy my entry level front desk office job anything that you’re looking for. If you want to type into that search engine right there. It should basically popup for you. The reason how I know this works you all. I tell you all.

So when I first thing I have like so much to tell you. Already know me I had enough felling my NCC test. Basically I didn’t get hired on at my externship. So I was trying to get a medical job desperately like that. So basically my entry-level was basically uh. So I had my externship at UF. Then I end up didn’t have like a medical job. Then so I end up getting picked up. As far as with having a job. It’s a plasma center down here in Florida  work as a medical assistant without being certified .

school for medical assistant

I say that for a year or so like some changes and basically that job was my key to go getting it. I step into the medical field. I had got my experience as far as for phlebotomy keep in mind. I really didn’t have that much phlebotomy experience. Stuff for like when I had went to a class to get certified for it.  I’m just for an externship that was basically about it or the phlebotomy that we do in school for medical assisting that was it.

I basically add a plasma center you’re sticking donors every day. So it’s basically like it’s nothing. So that pretty much helped me out really good.  What I tell you when you start a job injury with no experience. and you just stay there for a while to get your experience. That’s the best thing  to do just stay there get your experience. Then while you’re there say for instance. if you want to put there like three months.

So start looking for a better more paying job or a better job that’s better for you. It’s really hard to kind of get at places like st. Francis Baptist they’re always hiring synthesis. They’re always hiring they are always hiring but it’s so hard to get into. I don’t care what nobody say is so hard and you know I just kept on like trying to apply like you know. I was applying for everything and the type of person that I am. You gotta hear that noise artists my darling but the time person I am.

 When I’m really fed up with a job or when I’m really in the point of like looking for a better paying job. or something like that I am keep looking keep trying it.  i’m a keep trying to like call them keep bugging them.  Keep making showing like they know work as a medical assistant without being certified .

 Hey, I’m trying to get this job I really. You know they open availability. I wanna make sure I put my two weeks inform the next job. So I won’t have any bad experience carrying on without me. You know throughout my time of the medical field and stuff like that. So that really helps me but I tell y’all. If you get a chance just scan through one in deed and Craigslist. It can only work on certain locations. I know Saint Augustine Jacksonville Daytona. It’s a couple of more locations some named Georgia bronze wig .

websites for searching job

It’s a couple of not a lot of them are and on Craigslist and indeed is basically worldwide. So you could search anything on it indeed. I do have some tips to kind of let you guys know as far as for dealing with these type of website stuff. That you kind of need to know. So y’all stay tuned so when dealing with these websites you want to be careful because like. I said everything is always legit the websites are legit but it’s just the fact that.

 There’s a lot of job postings and stuff like that and not everybody. I feel like it’s legit like sometimes. I could just fill out for something and I’ll look. I’ll keep seeing it come on the list of all. I’m just like is this job really hiring or I don’t know sometimes. I feel like it can be a scam sometimes. You also read up on the reviews whenever you’re dealing with a job. I always like to read up on reviews I know a background is for us with the job to know whether.

 It’s a message on whether to know. If it’s a good job. If it’s worth my time always look at reviews and not saying. That reviews are always a hundred percent right but sometimes. What their views you can understand as far as where the workers coming from. You can always see a good side and a bad side as far as with the company. So always look at the reviews another thing is worst-case scenarios the job that you filled out for sometimes.

resume updated

They respond back instantly and some of them respond back so late I hate that you know I hate. when our job and they respond back like much later when I already done got a whole no other job like. You all even with the job that I have know like okay. So right now I work as a medical assistant at a pain management center. It’s great I love it there but when I tell you all one blood contacted me back.

This contacted me back saying. This is contacting me back and I serve all of them down because I’m just like you all waited to the last minute. I don’t like to do that like. where I start a job and it’s like okay. All these other jobs don’t called . You know I might I don’t feel  that for y’all months later. They just like this is a PR in position. As needed or some of them just be likecan you work as a medical assistant without being certified .

 If you some of them, don’t be like higher pain stuff like that. I’m just like oh no like. I’m the type person word .  If a job I said to me when I was already like kind of was just enough that kind of position.  Another  job and I already kind of got like a good job right now. I’m gonna hold on to that job for a while just to kind of get more experience in the field before moving onto something else.

 Like say France is for this job. I have now I didn’t really have that much experience as far as with EMR. Now I really have experience with AMR. It’s more stuff. I still wanna continue to learn before I move it on but don’t get me wrong as long-term goals. as far as we’re working at a hospital or something like that but right now I like smaller practices. So I’m just trying to stay as far for that to good things to.

Also we’ll leave with you guys . Why do you want to make sure that you have your updated resume because the resume is gonna be good that’s how the jobs get. So you will indeed I know that some of the home employers can go ahead and start emailing you letting.  You know that they are interested in to you stuff like that. So always keep your own resume updated.

have to be good communication skills

Also you want to make sure that you have good contact information. So making sure that you have up any email make sure you have an updated phone number all that would be good as far as well done with these websites. When I tell you all these this is like the only way that I can really think of as far as for like you know how to get a job. like what medical assistant with no experience and no certification.

 I’m telling you.  It works because it’s a girl in my job right. Now she works she came all the way from a call center. Now she works the front office specialist at the center that I’m at right now.  That’s awesome because she literally told them. She had no experience with medical. I’m just like some jobs nowadays. like they’re literally hiring can you work as a medical assistant without being certified you without no experience.

 Thank you for stay with me.

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