Comfortable work shoes every time

Comfortable work shoes

Hi, everyone welcome back to my article is all about my most comfortable shoes for work for those of you who are new here.  Also known as chic Professor on an article on luxury good sustainable fashion and work where. Today’s article is in collaboration with Ally’s shoes and I can’t wait to share more about those shoes with you in just a minute for those of you who don’t know.

I am a professor, and I’m a professor in New York City. So I walk to work there’s a train in between but I walk to work and then I lecture all of my classes are right in a row. So I’m basically standing and lecturing for about 6 hours and then I’m doing a bunch of walking back and show me feet hurt quite a bit throughout the day Just because I’m standing for so long and my previous job. I had a much bigger gap between my classes and they were on different days and things like that. So I really wasn’t standing for as many hours in a row and my feet have definitely felt. The difference I want to share with you all the Comfortable work shoes every time.

Comfortable work shoes

I am more excited to grab it in the morning. The ones that I think look great for work but are much more comfortable. I’m not gonna say that any of them is absolutely pain-free. Just because I am standing for so long I am gonna feel a little bit of discomfort but I certainly have some beautiful shoes that I put on and after an hour. They’re really hurting and by the end of the day.

It’s just terrible and then I have shoes that I have a slight bit of you know just tired feet at the end of the day but the shoes themselves are quite comfortable and my feet are just tired at the end of the day. I’ll be linking off- the brands that I discussed down below but I’ll also explain why they’re comfortable. So that you can make some smart decisions when you’re shopping no matter which brands you are buying.

I’m also gonna link any active discount codes down below so let’s go ahead and get started. You can sort of see them back here gray and pink and black and then I also have the loafers.

If you need that the loafers are a little bit more casual looking I do. I do prefer the points but they also have the round to flats that work really nicely. As well as would stay away from the speaker or the boot option for work that perceived or but just kind of looks like a high-top sneaker but these other styles. So I don’t have to worry! about the dirty streets.

Being much of an issue but I absolutely could. Just continue to wear them at work because they are looking great. So I absolutely love my Rafi’s and I will put my discount code down below. I do have an article all about Rafi’s in case you’re interested in sizing and fit and all the different silhouettes.

Comfortable work shoes
Best Comfortable Work shoes

I will speak another article. My Gucci loafers are extremely comfortable. There are pros and cons to the shoe and I will leave my review article down below for this one but they are definitely a  really comfortable option and if loafers are what you wear to work I highly suggest these. Just for the comfort factor plus I think that they look quite sleek. So these are definitely a comfortable option for work. The next shoes that are quite comfortable for work are these heeled booties the reason that I love these in the winter is that it comes up so high but it doesn’t come up too high that it cuts you off. At the ankle but it comes up high enough that. If I’m wearing tights,

my feet aren’t slipping out of them. These are discontinued they’re from LKBennett but I will link a similar version down below from somewhere else but I really do think these are quite comfortable for work. Also one of the things that makes them comfortable. Are they have this slight platform but I will discuss that a little bit more. When I get to heels and my last go-to flats are these are the Ferragamo, Vera flats some people consider this a heel it’s an inch and it’s a black heel so to me these are flats and I prefer a flat that has a little bit of elevation in the back. I think that these are beautiful for work. I find that the almond toe is quite comfortable and so I think that they look nice for work. The heel adds a little bit of elevation which is nice. .  Because the patent is a little more restrictive than other shoe choices. If you go for a patent and so I find that you have your comfortable work shoes it will get uncomfortable at the end of the day. As your feet swell a little bit.

So now we are moving on to comfortable work heels and heels are my go-to choice for work 99% of the time. I choose to lecture in the best comfortable heels and that is because heels make me feel a little bit more confident. I am already generally a pretty confident person but that extra elevation makes me feel a little bit. More powerful they caused me to stand up really straight. Which makes me feel more powerful plus. I just think that they look really chic absolutely love comfort heels so for me they area go-to and instead of being something like. I have to wear or I feel like I need that I find femininity to be extremely powerful. And I find heels to be a tool of empowerment.

So now I’m gonna talk to you all about Allies shoes these are my Allies shoes. I absolutely love these shoes and I’m not just saying that because it’s a collaboration. I reached out to them because I thought these shoes were just so fabulous and I really do genuinely think they are great. So there are a few things about these shoes that make them unique. I sat down with the CEO of Ally and she told me that she designed these shoes. as the uncompromising fashion for today’s women. So today’s women tend to be a little bit more interested in comfort. There are a lot of different options.

Out there so how do you make a really smart choice that makes you feel empowered you don’t have to wear heels. Some industries probably feel a little more pressure to wear them but if you do choose to wear them you choose to wear them because they make you feel go but that doesn’t mean that they should hurt. So she started with shoes and ally is probably going to expand beyond shoes in the future but she started with shoes because they are the literal pain of fashion that is where most of the pain comes from so they were a really good place to start. If you’re gonna create something that is an ally for women that is helping them out not hindering them in the workplace. So I really love a shoe that is designed by a woman for a woman. I think that someone who wears heels all. They have a much better idea of what we really need to heal. What makes these shoes special is not only because they are made of beautiful leather but because they have really smartly designed interiors of these shoes the heel height is perfect it’s 3:00 in cheese and me just

Comfortable work shoes absolutely love the height but what’s most interesting about these shoes is the interior. They are built to have these beautiful arch supports and also just weight distribution. So there’s also some padding that is quite interestingly shaped by the ball of your foot. So it’s not just arch supports and instead of just adding an arch depart. Which is certainly a very helpful thing to have in a heel.

These shoes are made to help you distribute your weight a little bit, more equally take a little bit more of the pressure off of the ball of your foot. Which makes a big difference towards the Comfort. When Samantha designed these shoes she did so with afoot. Surgeon to make sure that they were designed in a way to really use that weight distribution and to make them as comfortable as possible.  Another thing that I absolutely love about these is the different size options. So they have from size 4 to 12 and they come in multiple widths. So a lot of times you buy shoes and there’s really only one with an option or you can get a wide option but you can also get a narrow option here and so you can really find the perfect fit for you. I took a 5 in these or a 35 or a 5 and I’m typically a five and a half. So I size down a little bit. I know that the sizes get a little bit smaller rather than larger. When you get up to the higher sizes so in the middle sizes are basically true to size but you can try out a pair and you can also do free returns. So they’re a really good idea to you know to try out a couple of sizes and find the size that works best for you and in fact to help you do that I have a discount code so my discount code is Sheik 50 and I will leave that down below as well.

So if you buy a pair of shoes with Sheik 50 you save $50 off of the shoes which are really great and I find them to be pretty reasonably priced for beautifully made shoes they’re not quite. At the luxury level price, they’re kind of in that contemporary brand price point which I think is really really great concerning how much really goes into the making of these shoes. I also want to show you the bottom of the shoe a little bit. I have worn them. So you can sort of seeing but the bottom is really nicely designed as well just so it has this little bit of rubber it helps with slipping and all that and also just kind of makes them really sturdy to walk in. So I’ve been really excited to grab these and I’ve been wearing them quite a bit for work lately.

I not only find the pointed to beautiful my go-to is pointed to the pump. I just think it always looks really chic and beautiful but I think that this one is not too much of an extended point the toe box is quite wide. It shows a little bit of toe cleavage which makes them a little bit fun to wear and then the interior, of course, is just so beautiful. I got these in nude color and one of my other absolute favorite things is they make them in five different shades of nude because nude is not a color right nude of course is whatever is closest to your color. So having five different options is really nice and you can get suede or leather.

So I just think that these shoes are beautiful. The heel height is great obviously all of the interior work that’s gone on to make them as comfortable as possible is wonderful. I love the color I love the cut and the silhouette of the shoe and then I also just in general love a pointed to pump so these to me are wonderful and I cannot wait to add more of these in more colors into my collection. Because I really have been really excited every day that I choose to wear these I know it’s going to be a much more comfortable day the next shoes that I want to talk about are another discontinued pair.  sorry! about that but I will find something similar these are Stuart White’s. When they were called the meteor pump and what makes these comfortable is this at the top of these crisscrossing straps because they put some pressure on the top of your foot.

They really help keep your foot in place which as you’re stepping throughout the day puts a little bit less pressure on your feet they get a little less tired and so they become more comfortable. So it’s not necessarily these shoes though I do enjoy these shoes it’s the strap at the top that really helps make these more comfortable than the next shoes. That I find it quite comfortable are these 1.28pumps. Which I got from Nordstrom they have a black heel it’s always gonna be a little bit more comfortable just it’s a little bit to walk on but they also had a little bit of padding in the interior which makes them quite comfortable and then I like the vamp on them.

I will say that these are much less expensive Comfortable work shoes and I do feel that when I wear them the padding is really nice but by the end of the day the padding has kind of depressed and my feet are hurting a little bit more but in general. I find them to be quite comfortable and really pretty nice shoes for the price. Point the next shoes that I find most comfortable are my Ferragamo Vara pumps but it’s not just these I also have these products. Which have the same idea and that is a platform. I know that some people don’t like platforms or they find them trashy issues. When you just did an article and she thought platforms were more for the bedroom. Then they were for work or just a kind of regular life.

I disagree to an extent. I think that a very large thick platform can be unattractive and a little bit much but I find that a tapered small platform for work is generally not very obvious. It’s pretty hard to see and it makes the shoe it’s significantly more comfortable. So with these heels, the platform gets smaller towards the fronts. When you’re actually wearing the shoe and someone is looking down at your foot. They can’t really see the platform at all. In fact, you can also get ones that don’t even have this line here. You know there have like a piece of suede or something I used to have a pair like that. Where a platform itself was hidden which is also a great way to go but having that extra bit of kind of fabric or leather of shoe helps. When you are walking not only because you can wear a little bit of a higher heel without increasing the pitch of your foot but also because there’s a little there’s something between you and the floor which provides a little bit more cushion to your foot and just in general. I find it makes them significantly best comfortable shoes. So I love a slight platform on a shoe I find that to be really great especially.

Comfortable work shoes here

If you don’t have a shoe that is padded inside. the last pair of shoes that I want to talk to you all about our Sara flint shoes. There are so many different shoes out there these are the perfect pump they’re in the 85. Which to me is the perfect height and these have built-in arch support plus a little bit more cushion at the bottom and a wide toe box? So all of those things definitely help make the shoe more comfortable. It does have a rubber which helps with sliding and makes it more comfortable. That way so these are really great shoes for work as well. So those are the shoes that I a most excited to wear right now those are definitely. The shoes in my collection I find most comfortable.

I’ve also discovered as I’ve worn and tried out a few others. Which of my shoes are least comfortable and I’m potentially going to be selling some pairs. I’m sort of deciding. So if you would like to know which of my shoes are least comfortable, please let me know and I will consider filming that article in the future. I would also love to know what are your go-to work shoes are you find comfortable and always in the market for new pairs.

So please do let me know those down below. If you have a question about any of these shoes also drop, that in the comments so I’m happy to answer them and I also if I haven’t done, a review on a shoe and you’d like to see a full review on a single pair of shoes in the future please! do let me know thank you all  

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