Forensic Social Work

A social worker is a person. Who has a Masters in Social Work. Who work through the probation and parole offices. Then try to hit every county work in every Country. They work along with the officers weap ninety percent of our job. They provide drug and alcohol treatment. He deal with mental health crisis stressors and living there’s a whole gamut of Forensic Social Work services.

Friends at Social Work

We provide ours czar really compassionate. I’m just wanting to sing their praises, they work so hard. They see about six to eight people a day and go into outer counties and they see the hearts it’s hard stuff. When a person is referred to friends at Social Work.

 A lot of times, it’s through court order board ordered drug and alcohol issues sanctions. Now we have the sanctioning grid and even if we walk in Lobby and we see somebody in need law identify that need. What we try to do is help those people cessful approbation and parole.

 Also we try to help improve their lives and the social workers worked so hard.  They work along the officers. They’re just as important and we try to include them all the way to the treatment plan and tell them. What’s going on and tell the offender. We call clients, we bring everybody to gathers’ we have a great game plan for them and what services we provide

Medical Detox

When they go to drug or alcohol treatment. We assess that they could be anywhere fromILP. Which is the intensive outpatient to detox. Where they need medical detox depending on their drug of choice. Then there’s residential and we also do relapse prevention groups. we’re seeing the drugs out there.

We’re getting the fsw get the very hard cases. We get the hard cases with mental health. We get the hard cases with the drug abuse. We’re seeing people shooting their arms. We’re seeing people shooting their necks and sometimes. It’s really hard. Now we’re seeing people use drugs that are they’re using multiple drugs.

They never used to shoot they’re shooting now. We’re hearing about Xanax. So we’re dealing with so much and so fast. We’re really trying to be there for the offender to help them. We want them to have a better life. The firm’s that social workers have such compassion and drive.

Impressed by the Social Work

So many times they stay late. They arrive early they miss lunch and it’s just I’m really impressed by the social workers intimacy wow! that sounds phenomenal. It seems like they do. A lot of incredible work. They really put their hearts into Forensic Social Work .
He says how many forensic social workers do you have under.

If possible, if you could answer about how many do we have working throughout do C.  Well I have six right now, but I’m have the opportunity. I get to interview for two more positions okay. So we’re increasing because our numbers are increasing.

The counties need us and they want us more and the officers want us.  More the officers really like us to be there because you know the stuff that. It’s really over their head or they don’t have time.

We do so I’m going to have eight. I’m gonna include myself and say nine because I work half the time too. So we’re very fortunate and we are increased in that. We’ve started intake along with when the officers do intake in the larger cities. Where the social workers are present. Anyone who’s testing aboveTHC. Marijuana they come and see us that day. Then they’re also doing strong cars in some of these offices.

When we ‘represent and when they’re. They have concerns regarding the strong art. It’s identified we’ll . See those people right then and there so we can address them and instead of making them come back and forth . We see their knees right in the very beginning that is awesome. So can you tell us a little bit more I mean you were just saying that they come to the intake process. You also said that one fsw.

Bio Psychosocial Treatment

Will see anywhere from eight to ten a day kind of what’s a day. like in the life of an fsw . What’s their day how does it usually go okay. It’s usually six to eight if what they do is when they meet someone for the first time we do a bio Forensic Social Work . It’s an assessment and other words is that we take a holistic view of the offender’s life. We see what’s going to trip them up.

what’s working for them we identify their needs and their strengths and they provide input. We work on a treatment plan or a care plan. They also provide feedback and officer. We get hopefully provides feedback in the treatment plan.

So everybody’s on board it’s like. If they’re coming out of prison. If they have mental health disorder and they have a level of care LLC. They’re identified and the fsw. The first social workers notified when they come out of the prison.

So we make sure they have mental health services. When they get out into the free world that’s a. so you just said the prisons do you guys. Do any work with our offenders while they’re incarcerated before they come to the field no. We see them when they come out of prison. When they come out.

We like to see them right off but then. We like see them too two months later because in the honeymoon phase over that’s. What the ferns that social workers have identified is that about two months or three months out in the free world. That’s when life comes a little bit unraveling .

Detox and Rehab

We’re there form and so we want to try some future services support groups for them. The studies in the future. So how often will an fsw see. One particular client that depends on the client it depends on their. Why we’re seeing them like if we’re seeing them for drug and alcohol. we send them to detox and rehab.

We have what we call the CTC . So we have grants that the states provided that we can send people and then. When they complete their alcohol and drug treatment. They come back and see us.  We make sure that they’re doing okay. And see what services they need next. We really try to set them up for success. We’re really wanting to get better. At follow-ups and see them more because we see that that makes a difference for a while.

We’ve just been putting out fires but get more social workers. I’m so excited that’s awesome now. I understand you just recently had around table with all your FS w’s. Can you tell us a little bit about was discussed in that round-table or is that going to be a surprise for later. On well that round table was the DRC staff okay.

 A festive used and fsw are referring to the DRC. Were discussing what good referrals. were and how to promote the transition between them coming to us into the DRC. We believe in the DRC so much as social workers. Were excited with all the dents that they get met here all the way from groups to yoga. That they’re really getting affirmed here I really. We all believe in the DRC.

So we did Forensic Social Work that round table today. So we can help our sisters. We can coordinate. Even better for the clients excellent is there anything else that you want to add about the fsw is that. we haven’t covered anything

That you want the rest of Tennessee to know about your staff. How hard they’re working for a tea. Do see and the state of Tennessee. As a whole well all the other social workers in the state of Tennessee work. So hard and they are dedicated. We have to be creative even with our treatment. We advocate and we do make a difference. We’re seeing people come back and trust us that’s excellent miss Riker thank you so much for stay with me.

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