How to Make Money With Podcast 6 Ways to Make Money Podcasting

Make Money Products

Mainly you’ll make the money from either the actual social media platform itself like youtube monetization or a facebook monetization. You can make money from brand sponsorships. You can make money from affiliate deals you can make money from physical products digital products or consulting like those are the big six and so some of those are much easier to do than others as a beginner some of those are much harder to get to but more lucrative some of those is much more passive than others.

So for everyone out there if you’re just starting it makes the most sense to step your toe in the water of consulting. Because that’s essentially giving you that first ring on your belt for freedom which is location freedom.

If you can get money as a consultant after you build up a little bit of a brand or authority or some kind of credibility then you can start to get clients your self and you don’t even really have to get that many clients to equate well most of the time to equal your previous job you know maybe if you get10 clients at a thousand a pop you know 10 grand a month 120k a year.

You know that’s pretty good living for most people you know well that’s not including taxes but one-on-one consulting is kind of the thing that I recommend most people get into if they haven’t made any money online because you don’t have to have a huge following for that you can just source it yourself through DMs just like I did with guests and then once you get that down you can start to understand what people really want and then you can start to create some more scalable income options.

I mean I’m literally in the mix of it right now and I’ve been doing some one-on-one consulting I didn’t monetize fora long time I actually wanted to buildup a little bit of some credibility and authority before I started doing that because if you go into online the online game thinking you’re just going to monetize immediately or try to make money without having the proven model of what you’ve been doing to sell that service like it’s just to make sense to people think you’re trying to scam them they won’t believe you won’t get any testimonials you won’t get any social proof.

It’s kind of a step-by-step process that you need to go through and this is something. Again I’ve just you know learned from talking to everyone, not something I knew but just learning by teaching-learning by experimentation so I’m just in the process now actually kind of you know.

I haven’t put a huge amount of focus into one-on-one consulting but definitely, a little bit but now I’m actually launching in the next week or two more of a group consulting program for podcasters to help podcasters you know do exactly this you know monetize their following and also grow their social media accounts because there are a lot of podcasters out there that don’t have a background in sales that don’t have a background in marketing that want to talk about something specific but don’t know how to go about it the right way that where

I’m starting you know I’m not even starting in like the big affiliate games or brand sponsorships or anything like that you know I’m starting in the weeds just like everyone else so that’s how I recommend people go about it.

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