Part Time Evening Jobs

Hi friends, I’m going to be sharing a few companies. These are well-known companies, and they have been around for a very long time. They are legit, and they do offer real legit work from home. Opportunities and not only that they will allow you to work. You know nighttime.

So this is looking for part-time work. You know evening. If you work a full-time job and you work from 9:00 to5:00.  You are interested in working from home and making additional income then. This video is for you guys okay.

Making Additional Income

The best thing about some of these companies is that. You can choose your own schedule is highly flexible. So long as you stick to the schedule that. Choose and work those hours then you will do just fine and some of them are customer service jobs. That also allow you to earn Commission as well.

Part time evening jobs So it could be very lucrative. If you are wonderful insoles and as well as customer service okay. You can make up to $30 per hour and some of these companies. I actually worked for them at ascertain points in my life.

I made pretty good money with them. So definitely check out the list. I’ll be going over each company. With you their website just going to visit their website? You and go through their information and so forth also make sure that.

You have all the basic equipment that, you will need to get starting working from home again as, I usually mention in my company. Have their own specific requirement. When it comes to equipment such as type of computer.

You will need if you will need a USB headset or a landline phone. So I just want to make sure. Our are aware of what the company requires.  But and for my internationals links below. If you are looking for accompany that hires internationals and hopefully may hire in your area. Then definitely check out the links. So this company is called live ops and keep in mind.

Part time evening jobs for those who may be familiar with live ops.  The other jobs that I will be discussing. You may have heard of these companies. Before and if you have and you’ve applied to these companies check out the link below.

Other additional companies that I have listed the reason. Why I want to bring these companies to. Your attention is because, you know I get new subscribe to me and although.

My older subscribers may have heard of these companies. The new subscribers may not beware of these companies that they are out there okay. So if you are aware of live ops or other companies. I maybe address in you can still apply to these jobs.

Part time evening jobs If you are a new subscriber and you’ve never heard of. You know work from home opportunities and these companies. Then stick around I’m just going to go through their website about the jobs.

They offer and so forth okay so this company is called live ops. I have worked for live ops in the past, and they really helped me to gain some experience not in just. You know the area in which they were hiring for which is customer service but also when working from home.

Part time evening jobs was very simple to get started with them you will need to have a computer with internet connection . You will also need to have a landline phone to work with live ops as well as ahead set.

Personal Requirements

I believe that they also would prefer that you use a headset .  You can connect to your landline phone again each company will have their own personal requirements. So they have changed over the years believe. I work for them maybe 2009 or2010 and again.
They have changed like their website completely changed.

This is not what it looked like when I work for them so when you go? Their website you want to click on become an agent. If you want to read some more information about live ops and get to know them before.

You start it feels free to do so okay. So you’re gonna click on become agents. What I like about their website is that they really you know make sure that.  You are making the right choice and decision and working for their company.

They’re pretty much straightforward on their website about what they offer. So forth so to work from them and be a successful agent. You must have a quiet work place. You can also set your own schedule to work around your life.

Part time jobs are also independent contractors

So it’s very flexible, and they also offer evening opportunities so at this type of opportunity. You are an independent contractor and independent contractors, somebody who takes care of their own taxes. You supply your own equipment to work from home such as computer.

Phone headset okay, so they don’t provide those things thanks to you would have to make sure that you have those things available.  As an independent contractor working for them okay. Another thing Live Ops require that you pay for your own background fees.

When I was working with them, I believe it was like30 something dollars for my background fee but I believe. It went up, so I believe it’s maybe like $65, but I was able to make that money back the first they are working for them.  An independent contractor you ‘reconsidered to be your own boss.

You have to supply your own equipment and you may have to pay for background fee and do your own taxes okay you can learn more about you. Know how much you can earn with live ops with this type of company.

The pay depends on client that you work for because they work for various clients. It depends son the client that you’re working foursome clients may pay 25 cents per talk time others pay base rates plus Commission. So when I was working with them I made like $30 an hour and that was based on sales like commissions.

Money making part-time jobs

I was making along with my hourly based pay okay. So agents that are working for live upsurge making pretty good money.  They ‘remaking up to like thirty to forty dollars an hour really. Their top agents okay. So this is definitely a great opportunity. To make some wonderful money working part-time is flexible.

You know can pick your own schedule and so forth. Just go through the information with them. If you don’t feel like jumping in and applying right away just like. Your someone who like to research more about  the company. You can click on their before you apply , so they can learn more about Live Ops The opportunity to work as their virtual agents and also as you see here.

They do provide you with tech requirements. You will need to work for them and you can go through. Their frequently asked questions to see. If your question may be listed and you can learn more have more information –better.

You know make a decision in working for this company. So definitely check out Live Ops for parts on flexible night jobs company is all arakha they pay eight to ten dollars per hour on average and again rates vary depending on their program.

The amount of time. You work for this for all arakha they’re currently looking for at-home agents again alert agents, are responsible for receiving and processing various incoming phone calls for numerous clients in accordance. The policies and procedures and so forth.

So you’d be taking incoming calls for the for various clients. They have various clients that, they work with and that use their platform to hire agents. Your self to take calls for their company okay same with live posthaste are these are platforms used by various companies.

You know you’ll be working with. You may be selling products and earning commission.  I was doing this type of work. I was taking calls for very popular well-known companies and selling different products.

You see on infomercials and stuff like that’s what I was basically doing. So it may be the same thing with L or Ala .  You’ll be taking numerous calls and are basically providing customer service as well as you know solving problems.
Work from Home Opportunities

A customer may be experiencing with a product okay. So you can go through all this information this position. If you know feel comfortable with, this type of job that you can click on apply and get started in an application process.

You can go overall this information. They have available on their site. It’s a better for make a decision.  you want to work. I also believe that they may provide some opportunities. Those who live in Jamaica.  They have you know some positions here.

This thing keeps falling down in front of my computer  they have some, they may have some positions available for Jamaica. 

So if you are in Jamaican I believe Kingston or Port more. May want to you know contact them and find out.They also offer work from home opportunities in your country location.

The next opportunity is from next rep. I’ve worked with this company also I basically took calls and sell products. I receive I was one of their top earners on next rep okay I was making about thirty and up an hour.

Basically doing customer service along with sales like doing up sells and so forth. It was very challenging. It can be you know kind of hard to do that but Part time evening jobs. Work from home be your own boss learn how they arise platform.

Can give you a more balanced? Life with endless possibilities again with their website. They’re pretty much very straight forward. You can go through and learn more about the company.

You can start your own call center business so you can click here. If that’s what you’re interested in doing if not then you just want to be an agent. You can go to registering as agent okay and you can click on that and register as an agent meaning that.

You would just like to work as their call center agents. know download the list of companies to get an idea of the companies that you’ll be working with. Can go through their four-step process um you can reason that information.

How to get started with being a customer  service.  Agent  for their clients and so forth okay. Now right here it says each client offers a certification  course.  That must be passed in order to begin servicing these are highly specialized.

Instructor-led online courses that provide information.  The client systems  that we’ll be using to service. As well as the requirements for the program most come with a fee that ranges from 25 to 249 dollars okay. So they’re basically saying that the clients.  They work with have their own online courses for customer service agents.

Part time evening jobs, you will be required to pay a fee for their training courses and so forth. This is fine this doesn’t mean that they’re not legit because of course they are legit company and people a recurrently working for our eyes.

Part time evening jobs,  this  is just their clients that want to make sure that you are well-trained. You will be paying for training okay so that’s basically it.  If you’re not comfortable doing that at all and don’t want to pay. For training then, you can you know go back to the other companies that I mentioned in this video, and they offer.

The same type of opportunity as a customer service agent . So forth and receive training in becoming. So which is also good because if you are get training for it you will know what to expect and how to conduct yourself.

Some people are looking for training and customer service. So they can better enhance. Their you know their skills or their abilities on the phone to get. You know customers to purchase products. So that’s basically for our eyes and again.

I believe they pay the pay range is nine to fourteen dollars an hour on average but again it all depends on the client that you work for okay all right so let’s go to the last company. That would be u-haul this is a company that hire customer service agents.

Part-time jobs this is for us-based agents to work from home. Of course, I’m sure many of you already know what? So they also have work, they also have opportunity.
Road side assistance agents to work from home. As well, so you can check that out I’ll post a link to that, they’re always they always seem to be hiring for this position. So let’s just go through some information.

Part time customer service

Part time customer service agent. You’d be taking back-to-back incoming customer calls work to resolve customer concern San assist would post rental help. They offer training as well and you can work from home they offer flexible schedules.

Part-time benefits include medical reimbursements I’m savings plus discount plan dental plan vision plan retirement savings 401k plan it’s a great opportunity for students, teachers or as a second job and again the benefit is that you get some work from home.

Also, I like the fact that they are listed their requirements. So you can go through their requirements and what they desire. They’re candidates to have they also help you a little in deciding. If this job is for you so this job might be for you if you are looking for part-time work you are a dependable.

Team player with positive attitude. You’re comfortable with online learning.

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