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Hello guys, I hope you are well. The topic that I will discuss in front of you today. That is about the silberman school of social work. So let’s go we will move on to the main discussion.

Guys, the major project of Silberman school of social work students organizing in the first year. So, I want to say that what are you wanted to know today. If this is the first-semester project, can you imagine? What you’re all going to be like at the end of a year? A half from now right and up beyond this is a campaign.

The projects you know reflects the assignment a campaign. That is making difference in New York. Get involved understand how to a campaign works. What’s positive, what is negative students have contributed many hours to this effort. Hopefully people you’ll have a chance to both be somebody on the recipient and be able to tell people about your project. Also have a chance to go around the room and see many. If not all of the project , this is my first semester here. At the Hunter I’ve been at Columbia before I have to tell you that I am totally impressed by hundred students.

How much knowledge energy enthusiasm

I just say it anyhow you guys, just surpassed anything I’ve experienced. How much knowledge energy enthusiasm that you brought to your projects. I thank you for that I hope you learned from me awesome. I just want to say to each and every one view that I am so proud of what I see in this room. It’s beyond my imagination and you should be proud of your work as well. This is my second semester teaching community organizing. I love every minute of it. Not only do, I get a chance to pour into new important to me. That is the beauty of this process. My black campaign as a new is not a new initiative. Actually i have been around since the 1900. 

It’s a way of reinvesting black dollars into black communities. Their teams on civil rights for the moment. They also focus a lot on police brutality. The discrimination that founders have fought by this essence. Just opportunities I’ve been taken away but no providing affordable housing organization that we direct our campaign on is the police force more organizing project. The director Robert  Ganges designs propose that the mayo  DeBlasio he take a look at how policing is done in New York City. As a whole perform for the organization. One of the things that he calls for is to end.

Broken windows policing the second thing. he calls for is to end the quota system. The last things is actually calls for this early allocation of resources from the police department to other government.  As like social workers would step in certain situations. That require meetings or excuse me require interactions with homeless people or people with mental illness. Here now reelection. So I work at the National which candidates up and down the ballot work through a choice.

Silberman School of Social Work

Effects on communities

We’re going to protect access and not open time every week. So fun that a lot of schools remove is gone.  The national candidates with Trump and Hillary and there were like candidates up and down the ballot. That we’re goanna affect a policy with in our communities and we’re doing here in  NewYork. So a lot of the work that we did prior to the election was like banking and both making educated folks aware. The Canada’s did or the issues ever going to directly affect them. In cementing a majority pro-choice pro-trans majority in the New York State. Senate campaign dedicated to creating inclusive accessible education on the Hudson the Honduran refer all students so under offers.

A lot of great services for people with disabilities had to 68thStreet location. However most students are forced to go down to the 68th Street located. What we would like to do is take all these services. All of his education and everything that looking at are being offered as bring it up to our campus. That way students don’t have to trip down. there we also really want to address this pervasive information gap that exists not knowing what accommodations are whether or not. They have a right to them. What the process is even. If any of this applies to them our project is right after Haiti.

There was a great destruction in the area under the southern. That we found a brick wall to help donations and spread awareness to the issues of rebuilding the American Foundation. The first one the excuse me the first component of our campaign is to draw attention to the language used when talking about suicide first  a bill which will be proposed thank you solution up in Albany in 2017fantastic campaign.

Focus and Changes

 All the way around it’s a lifesaver logo with my favorite light sabers tonight. One thing away the language and trying to really focus on changing the language to die thank you. Our campaign is a long-term community based campaign seeking to reduce gun violence in a restricted area. It uses the cure violence model established in Chicago by an epidemiologist and it treats the epidemic of gun violence like a disease and it seeks to change social norms. Really give people that are involved in cycles of violence alternatives to gun violence or another kind of violence to solve their conflicts.

We were in front of the campaign coalition. Which stands for the sexuality education  alliance of New YorkCity. So their mission is to ensure that age-appropriate politically inaccurate on sexuality STI HIV education is made it  throughout all of us. We got involved with an organization called showing up for racial justice or surge it’s a national organization. The chapters and the purpose of surge is to organize white folks to get involved inanity-racist organizing led by people of color and centering. The voices and experiences and asked people of color inanity-racist organizing. I’m Stephanie I’m Deanna social student network is here to build a bridge between silver man community and social work students across the nation. So that we can build and expand macro practice on the close Rikers campaign. Which was started by just leadership USA earlier this year.

Social Advantage

The campaign is calling for mayor deBlasio to close Rikers Island for a number of reasons. Also working on advocating for policy reform the details regarding the policies what the Speedy Trial a lot of people in Rikers are just waiting for a trial about 40%of them. Have some type of mental illness so. We’re looking to get them support in treatment instead of being in Rikers plantation to prison and how you know America has benefited from that relationship. Silberman School of Social Work.

Thank you for stay with me.

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