Virtual Assistant Work

Virtual Assistant Work

Welcome to my home based story.  So for today’s topic, I will share with you how to earn $700-$1000 per month as a virtual assistant. As you all know this is my work.  So I will share with you what Virtual assistants do? What skills you need to learn as a VA or that you should have. How much is the salary range.

Just the range guys, OK?  Where you can apply? So make sure you stay tuned until the end because I will share with you all the right places where you can look for openings. If you want to be a Virtual assistant working at home.  Let’s start. For those who have no idea yet?

What is a virtual assistant?

 Virtual assistant Coining from the term itself is “Virtual” meaning your work will be online. Not face to face. You are an assistant a term that you’re going to assist. You’re going to help your client from other places with their work. It’s the same as being a Personal Assistant some like a helper sometimes an all-around helper.

The scope of work of a VA is broad. So I will share with you today my experiences as a Virtual assistant. There are a lot of different kinds of Virtual assistant.  Many are real estate virtual assistants meaning your client is a real estate agent or a broker.

There are some that are business owners. There really a lot of different kinds of VA. The scope is so broad you really have to be versatile. When it comes to job duties and responsibilities. So I will share with you what are the skills that are usually required. So you need to have admin skills

Must have to be Admin skills

Virtual Assistant Work

What are the admin skills? So that would include Back end jobs like typing entering data. Which are easy because we already did this in school, right? Do you know how to use Microsoft office? However, nowadays we don’t usually use Office because Clients prefer to do it online with Google drive. So Google drive is the same as Microsoft office. Instead of MS Word, they have Google Docs Instead of MS Excel.

They have Google Sheets.  Apart from that, you need to have attention to detail. It’s important because you’re going to be swamped with a lot of data and you need to enter them correctly.
As an Admin, you should know how to manage social media. This means you should know the in’s and out’s of Facebook, Instagram. How to run ads because if they want to promote some content you have to set up a Facebook ad.

Manage FB pages this would also include a little bit of search engine optimization. Meaning you need to know how to put captions or tags that are relevant to the content that you’re going to post. It depends on the content that your client requires.
A common skill that is a plus and required is basic photo editing.

Examples are, fixing photo orientation. If the photo is misaligned, you need to correct it or if it’s dark you will brighten. It just basic skills guys. But of course, if you are knowledgeable in Photoshop Illustrator then that’s definitely a plus. But if you are just starting out you only need to have basic skills.

You can use the built-in application on your computer in the case of windows 10 you can use Photos. Just right-click the picture then choose edit. Then all the options are there You can brighten, crop, or fix the orientation. So that’s pretty easy for photo editing.

Other Skills

What are the other skills…?                                                                       You also need to know how to handle phone calls. But not all VA’s job requires you to handle calls. Like in my case, I rarely do phone calls. I’m more on the marketing side. But you should be able to speak well or at least you can converse well in English. Because as an assistant sometimes your client will ask you to call someone like, “hey can you reserve or can you book us a restaurant for a meeting?

“So whoever you’re calling, should be able to understand you. You need to be familiar with call handling because sometimes your client will ask “Hey, I’m busy. Can you take in my calls today? “So you need to know basic call etiquette.

For me marketing. I’m creating marketing materials that include fryers, postcards any information that they want to print and be distributed to their prospective customers.

I’m also in charge of that You need to know how to create presentations, for example, they are going to present at a seminar or at a conference.
You are going to create a presentation for them like slides and then they manage contacts in their database. Usually, clients’ databases are already set before you start. You are not going to create a database from scratch, that’s a different story. What it’s like for me is.

The client is going to take a picture of the business card then he will send it to me via email. “Can you enter this on our database?” then it’s up to me to enter their name, their last name, phone number, email. It will all be categorized there. So in the future, if we are going to contact this person then the client can easily pull it off of the database. It’s already digitized.

I also compile files in my previous work. It was sales I was assisting the operations manager. Part of it is creating a report. You are going to set up the sheet or excel then you will enter there all the sales numbers of sales, the total number of cancellations. You are going to prepare it like and end of day or end week report and submit it to your client.

So you also need to know how to analyze. You don’t need intensive experience or knowledge like knowing how to Pivot in Excel. But at least you need to know how to analyze and interpret data. I think those are the basics that you need to know. So just to summarize Admin work Database management Social media management Basic photo editing Presentation skills and Call handling Very few, right?

Need to be a different type of working experience

Being a virtual assistant work covers a lot of skills and different types of work but the bottom line is the six skills that I shared. It will all fall in that category. If you have those skills and it’s something that you’re very familiar with doing then go for it go… go If you’re interested in working from home just start right away. If it doesn’t work out you can always try for another one. Now let’s talk about the salary.

So the range of salary for a virtual assistant is the competitive rate of salary so make sure if you have all those skills and more than don’t short sell yourself make sure you negotiate well with your client. The range would be from $700 — $1000 in a month. Sounds good, right? That would be around 35k to 50k pesos Imagine. That’s a big help in the household expenses.

If you guys are looking at that range, I would definitely recommend starting out and trying to apply as a virtual assistant. I highly recommend this. So this is what I promised earlier. Where can you apply? Make sure you take this down if you’re interested in applying as a virtual assistant you can try applying first in online jobs. They have over 50 thousand openings on that website alone, just for Filipinos. Make sure that you check out their website.

You also have up work I. You can try Virtual assistant network Philippines Home-based call center Philippines. I’m going to show it to you this site because I can’t remember it all. But just check all these groups ok.

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